Signature ‘Breakfast’ Blend’ Pre-Measured 2.5 OZ Ground Coffee Fraction Packs, 100 Pouches/box, Medium Roast, For Drip Coffee Makers

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  • SIGNATURE ‘BREAKFAST’ BLEND COFFEE – each portioned ‘frac’ pack is filled with 2.5 oz. of freshly ground high-quality coffee from Central America. The pouches are easy to use & the individual packs keep your coffee fresh for longer!
  • DRIP-BREWING SINGLE POT COFFEE PORTIONS – pre-measured to brew one pot of coffee, approximately 50-64 fl ounces (10 or 12 cup pot) depending on desired strength.
  • MEDIUM ROAST LEVEL – Our roasting process ensures a strong, bold taste that is also well balanced and smooth.
  • SOLD IN 32 COUNT OR 100 COUNT BULK BOXES – Food service friendly, great for offices, cafes, schools, or restaurants
  • COLONIAL COFFEE ROASTERS – Founded in 1945, our legacy spans three generations of pride, heritage, expertise, & tradition.


Details: COLONIAL COFFEE ROASTERS – FRESHLY ROASTED GROUND COFFEE PORTION PACKS – Our portioned ‘Fractional Packages’ are cost effective, convenient, easy-to-use, & the perfect way to keep your coffee tasting fresh!
One Bag = One Coffee Pot.
Great for offices, foodservice, cafes, restaurants, schools, convenience stores, hotels, businesses, or even at-home.

  • SIGNATURE BREAKFAST BLEND: Everyone’s favorite coffee to start the morning. The breakfast blend is the perfect medium roast – very well-balanced & smooth, full of bold flavor & delicious aroma, without any bitterness.
  • INDIVIDUAL COFFEE POUCH SIZE: 2.5 ounces of freshly ground coffee in each pre-portioned packet. This is important! Some brands only fill their bags with 1.75 oz or less! Our 2.5 oz bag bag brews one full pot of drip coffee (10 or 12 cup pot size depending on desired strength). Works well in commercial/food-service or at-home drip coffee brewers.
  • ROAST LEVEL: Medium Roasted
  • STORAGE: Store in cool, dry area. Our pouches have a 1 year shelf life – the individual portion packages keep your coffee fresh for longer!
  • COLONIAL COFFEE ROASTERS: Located in Florida, USA. We are a family owned roaster with three generation’s worth of expertise. We take pride in sourcing, roasting, & selling superior quality coffee.
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