PG Tips Premium Black Tea, Black Tea Pyramid Bags, 40 ct

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Brand: PG Tips


  • PG tips is England’s No. 1 Tea
  • The eighth wonder of the world pyramid bag acts like a mini teapot, giving the tea leaves room to move so you can get even more out of the great PG tips flavor.
  • PG tips Black Tea Pyramid Tea Bags feature a popular British blend of the finest Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas which produces a rich and refreshing flavor.
  • PG tips pyramid bags are fully Rainforest Alliance Certified, so when you choose PG Tips, you’re helping us help the environment, tea farmers, and their families.
  • How to brew: 1 bag per cup, add freshly boiled water, and brew 1 to 3 minutes to your desired strength.

Details: Pg Tips Black Tea Pyramid Tea Bags Feature A Popular British Blend Of The Finest Assam, Ceylon And Kenyan Teas Which Produces A Bold And Refreshing Flavor. The Pg Tips Pyramid Tea Bag Gives The Tea Leaves More Room To Move Around Than A Flat Conventional Tea Bag. The Tea Bag Works Like A Miniature Tea Pot. This Allows For All The Freshness To Be Released For The Best-Tasting Cup Of Pg Tips Black Tea. How To Brew: 1 Bag Per Cup, Add Freshly Boiled Water, And Brew 1 To 3 Minutes To Your Desired Strength. Enjoy Pg Tips Plain Or Add Sugar, Honey, Milk Or Lemon. There You Have It Just The Way You Like It! Ever Since The 1930S, The People Of Britain Have Been Sitting Down For A Chat Over A Delicious Cup Of Pg Tips. That’S A Long Time And A Lot Of Tea (Which Is Why We Make Sure All Our Tea Is Rainforest Alliance Certified). Founder Arthur Brooke Was Committed To Developing The Best Quality Tea Blends. The Tradition Of Quality Continues Today And Pg Tips Is Now England’S Number One Tea. We’Re Proud To Say That The Tea Leaves In Our Pg Tips Pyramid Bags Are Fully Rainforest Alliance Certified. So When You Choose Pg Tips, You’Re Helping Us Help The Environment, Tea Farmers, And Their Families. Find Out More At: Www.Rainforest-Alliance.Org.

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