Nootropic Infused Ground Coffee (24 K-Cups), Single Serve Rich, Organic Coffee Beans with Cognitive Enhancers to Boost Energy, Brain Function, Memory, Focus, and Athletic Performance – Kimera Koffee

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Brand: Kimera Koffee


  • 12 OUNCES OF GROUND COFFEE: If you’re looking for personalized Christmas gifts for the coffee lovers in your life, or if you’re looking for delicious coffee beans to brew black, espresso, cold brew, or classic coffee, then these single serve cups are for you. Whether your going to work, school, or running errands, with this box of 24 K-cups, you can have medium roast coffee on the go.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE: This nutty, sweet, low-acidity blend is perfect for those who like their comfort coffee subtle yet complex. With these flavorful coffee granules, you can brew a cup of coffee that will taste gourmet without overpowering your tastebuds. These single serve pods can be used in Keurig Brewers or coffee machines to make fresh, delicious coffee.
  • INFUSED WITH NOOTROPICS: Nootropics are cognitive enhancers meant to help support brain function and focus. Rather than taking separate brain supplements, you can drink this tasty two-in-one! Specifically, this blend can help stimulate dopamine levels in the brain, aiding the reward response and making this an ideal drink for bodybuilding, pre workout, and adults looking for a focus supplement.
  • THE KIMERA KOFFEE WAY: Our beans are sourced from a single-estate coffee plantation, which has been run by the same family for over 40 years. The careful planning of the estate farmers, coupled with the ideal climate of the high-altitude farm, produces coffee beans with a rich, complex flavor. We take pride in working directly with our source farmland to bring you the best coffee possible.
  • BECOME THE LEGEND: Our company began as the vision of a few friends living in the Dominican Republic. We decided to combine the amazing artisan, high-altitude coffee grown in our community with powerful, brain booster vitamins to create a product that could help people. With our unique blend of nature and science, we are helping to inspire others to go out, explore, and accomplish their goals.

Details: Single Estate premium coffee hand picked by a generation-old family-owned farm. We infuse the coffee with premium grade Nootropics, amino acids proven to enhance brain function. The coffee is farmed at high-altitude climates, giving our coffee beans their healthy oils and rich, nutty flavor. Each cup balances deep, earthy flavors with hints of cacao. We infuse our roast with 725mg of premium grade Nootroopics: Alpha GPC: Natural choline compound found in the brain and can be found in soy, meats and fish. Improves memory, enhances mental focus and increases power output. Taurine: An organic acid commonly found in eggs that delays cognitive decline due to aging, fights oxidative stress, reduces fatigue, and helps boost fat metabolization. L-Theanine: Tea extract that balances daily anxiety, improves sleep patterns and helps prevent cholesterol-related damage. DMAE: Choline molecule found in fish that boosts mental performance, increases energy, improves oxygen efficiency and promotes red blood cell function. Drink Kimera. Become the Legend!

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