Groundwork Coffee Organic Big Easy Ground, 16 Ounce Cans (Pack of 2)

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Brand: groundwork


  • MEDIUM ROAST BLEND: Our homage to the Big Easy is back! Inspired by the city of New Orleans, this blend features a blend of coffee & chicory, a coffee additive popular in the French Quarter since the 19th century, with notes of molasses & licorice root.
  • SIGNATURE BLEND: Signature Blends represent our favorite flavors, developed from coffees of differing roast profile and origin. From dark roast to light, our certified organic, small batch roasted blends are some of our most popular & best-selling coffees
  • SUSTAINABLE SOURCING: We were one of the first certified organic coffee roasters in Southern California & a pioneer in sustainable, relationship-based coffee sourcing. We’re determined to create a sustainable model for our business & the products we sell
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Our organic certification attests that our coffee and its growers are not exposed to harmful pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. All of Groundwork’s coffees are also certified kosher, non-GMO & fine-tuned by our licensed Q Grader.
  • COMPARE WITH: Eight O’clock, Vitascope, illy, Folgers, Organic Coffee Co., Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Koffee Kult, Copper Moon, Community Coffee, Kauai Coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee, Don Tomas Coffee, Caza Trail Coffee, Hygge Coffee Co.
  • Organic Signature Blend
  • Dark Roast – Two Full Pounds
  • Always organic, always fresh; Certified by USDA
  • LA’s Local Small-Batch Roaster since 1990
  • Sustainable from field to cup

Details: Groundwork’s homage to the City of Saints, is back! Chicory-coffee is most associated with the city of New Orleans than any other U.S. city. New Orleans was one of the major consumers of coffee prior to the Civil War. In 1840, the Union Army blockaded New Orleans Harbor cutting off the supply of coffee and forcing those in the city to look for alternatives. Taking a cue from their French roots, the people of New Orleans took to using chicory as both an additive and a substitute for coffee. Today, chicory remains a popular additive in the coffee houses that populate the French Quarter in New Orleans and remains as one of the nostalgic flavors to anyone who has had to opportunity to visit this grand city. Groundwork’s Big Easy is a balanced blend of coffee and chicory, highlighting the roasted-coffee, molasses and licorice-root notes of the chicory. A Note About Chicory: Chicory is a small perennial with light purplish-blue flowers native to West Africa, Western Asia, and Eurpoe. The plant is now commonly found in North America and Australia as well. It is related to the salad greens: Endive, Frisée, Escarole, and Radicchio, but it is the root of the cultivated species Cichorium intybus that is roasted and ground and commonly used as a coffee additive or substitute. It has been used as a popular coffee substitute or ingredient in France since about 1800. Traditionally the cost of Chicory has been less expensive than the cost of coffee, and once roasted, its slightly bitter, caramely sweet, and roasted coffee-like flavor profile made it a perfect filler/ substitute. During The Great Depression in the 1930’s and WWII in Europe, Chicory was widely consumed as a result of the economic climate of the times. Times have changed, and Chicory (at least Certified Organic Chicory) is in high demand and can be very, very costly. For the last year or so, our previous supplier has had trouble finding Certified Organic Chicory, causing Big Easy blend to take a leave of absence. At long last, Groundwork has found a consistent supply of Organic Chicory and we are once again able to offer this classic blend.

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