FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster

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Brand: Fresh Roast

Color: Black


  • Quietest air roaster; Great visibility; Very simple to use; Chaff collection; Durable; Small footprint; cooling cycle
  • Manual stirring or a high fan setting are required for even roasts; Some coasting as beans cool in the roast chamber
  • 4 oz (90 grams) yielding about 3.5 oz (78 grams) of roasted coffee
  • Volts/Watts 110v / 1500w
  • Heating Source electric element

Warranty: One year manufacturer’s warranty on the roaster. Six month warranty on the glass roasting chamber.

Details: The Fresh Roast SR 500 coffee roaster is a larger version of the Plus 8. It will roast twice the capacity of the Plus 8 (4 scoops, 120 gm) with a digital time display. The maximum time to set the control is 9.9 minutes however with the great added features at any point during the roast sequence you can add 6 seconds every time you tap the button. Time can also be subtracted using the same method. The timer can be overridden by tapping the Cool button, the roaster will go into the Cool mode for 3 minutes. The Fresh Roast SR 500 coffee roaster has the same capacity (4 scoops, 120 gm) and features of the SR 300 – plus three temperature settings that can be adjusted any time during the roasting process: High temp. = 490 degrees Medium temp. = 455 degrees Low temp. = 390 degrees A Fan Speed Control has been added to the SR 500 that allows the finest tuning of the roast. The Fan Speed Control allows adjustments of + or – 10%. Starting the roast, the beans are at their heaviest, the fan speed can be turned up to keep the beans fluid and give an even roast. As the beans become lighter, the fan speed can be turned down and keep the beans from chipping. Instructions are clear and simple with these models and allows complete control to the user without trying to figure out the programming. New to these models are the control panels which face up instead of having to squat down to view the settings and roasting process. As with the Plus 8 model, the chaff collector sits on top making access to remove chaff trouble-free. And true to tradition, viewing of the coffee as it is roasting is part of the fun with complete view ability. Clean up with this model is easy. Both models are great values for the price. Their simple design & operation makes them a great choice for both beginners and those looking for simplicity. Size wise the units are similar to the Plus 8 model measuring approximately 12″ tall by 7″ wide. Never leave a roaster unattended when roasting coffee.

UPC: 793842098631

EAN: 0656129101021


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