Burundi Kinyovu Coffee, Whole Bean, Women Grown/Produced, AIR ROASTED COFFEE by Airis Coffee Roasters (12oz)

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Brand: Airis


  • 1 / 12oz bag of Burundi Kinyovu Coffee Beans from Airis Coffee Roasters
  • ROAST: MEDIUM CUPPING PROFILE: Pineapple, hibiscus, green tea, toffee
  • A direct trade coffee from the Kinyovu Wash Station.
  • This Burundi coffee is an International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) certified.
  • Discover Air Roasted Coffee and Experience Taste Beyond Compare.

Publisher: Airis Coffee Roasters

Details: Airis Coffee is extremely excited to introduce a direct trade micro lot coffee from the Kinyovu Wash Station. This is an IWCA certified women produced coffee. The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) leads women’s empowerment in the international coffee industry by supporting and growing a network of self-organized, self-governing, women-led chapters across the globe.

This coffee is made up of many small farms. The coffee cherries are handpicked every morning, sorted and delivered to the washing stations (wet mills) in the afternoon and throughout the early evening. Each farmer’s delivery is processed daily, thus producing micro-lots that can be traced to a specific hill. Cherries are de-pulped daily through water-process machinery and single- or double-fermented for 18 to 24 hours, bringing out more brightness and clarity in these coffees. Pre-dried under shade, and then using a pyramid process for a constant and even drying, the coffee cherries are sun-dried on African raised beds for an average of 28 to 30 days. De-parchment, or hulling, removal of the final silver skin or chaff by machine, occurs at the dry mill. The green coffee is then packed in GrainPro bags prior to export.

The results of such a caring process are really phenomenal in the cup. This really is a cup that shines with bright pineapple and sweet acidity but also leaves you with lingering flavors of toffee and hints of chocolate.

Not only is this a must try coffee, but the social impact of your purchase really makes a difference. We worked with a native of Burundi Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian who now lives in the same town as our roasterie to contract this coffee. Jeanine is the owner of JNP coffees and is an extremely hard working woman who is passionate about coffee and making a difference in her country. Her company focuses on gender equity by educating women farmers on high-quality coffee production.

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