Bulletproof The Mentalist Roast Coffee Pods, Premium Dark Roast, Organic, single-serve K-Cups, Keurig, Keurig 2.0 (10 Count)

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Brand: Bulletproof


  • SAME PURITY IN CONVENIENT PODS: You will love the time-saving convenience of our Bulletproof Coffee Pods, with all the same purity standards as our existing whole bean coffee.
  • PRODUCED WITH HAND PICKED ORGANIC BEANS: Upgraded beans are harvested in Central America from passive organic estates without chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.). Each bean is hand-picked by experienced coffee harvesters.
  • MEDIUM DARK ROASTED: The beans are medium roasted in small batches in the United States under the strictest conditions, which minimize the formation of toxins from the roasting process.
  • OPTIMIZED TO MINIMIZE TOXINS: Ingesting mold toxins can contribute to chronic health issues. The proprietary Bulletproof Process optimizes every step of coffee production for performance by minimizing the opportunity for performance-robbing mold toxins.
  • BULLETPROOF PURITY PROCESS STANDARD: The final roast undergoes proprietary lab testing to verify that our coffee meets the Bulletproof quality and purity standards. Certified Clean Coffee

Details: The Bulletproof Process begins at the coffee’s origin, rooting out damaged (often moldy) beans from the start. Bulletproof coffee uses only beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Guatemala and Colombia, coffee estates that have a direct relationship with Bulletproof and that have been trained on the Bulletproof Process. From there, every step in the Bulletproof Process minimizes mold toxins. Bulletproof uses a thorough, sustainable washing technique, rather than cheaper and more wasteful traditional methods that involve soaking coffee in large fermentation tanks. The coffee is then kept as dry as possible-under the bright sun and then in mechanical driers-to reduce moisture and opportunities for mold to grow. The right coffee is good for you. Mold is bad for you. Never mix the two. That’s what makes Bulletproof coffee certified clean coffee-and helps you be your awesome self, every day.

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