(5 lb) Burundi Rugori Unroasted Green Coffee Beans for Home Roasting, African Beans

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Brand: Bodhi Leaf Trading Company

Color: Green


  • Cupping Notes: Chocolate Malt, Floral, Sweet
  • This coffee was grown in the Ngozi region.
  • This coffee contains Red Bourbon varietals.
  • This coffee was grown at an altitude of 1680 meters.
  • This bean goes through a washed process.

Details: The wet mill of Rugori was built in the late seventies. It is located very close to the Kayanza province. In reference to the cup, this coffee has a very bright acidity and offers a perfectly balanced profile. This washing station collects cherries from over 4100 local coffee farmers spread over the 25 neighbouring collines. During the harvest season, Rugori processes more than 1200 tons of coffee. OUR STORY – JOURNEY TO THE PERFECT BEAN – A licensed Q-Grader who imports coffee from around the world, then sells to National award winning roasters. No order is too large or too small, if we have it (or are anticipating it) we will sell it to you. We break up large lots to sell small quantities of coffee to home roasters. This gives our home roasters the opportunity to try their hand at roasting the exact coffee they saw their favorite micro-roaster selling. This is something most importers will not do, because the transaction and customer service cannot be facilitated at their profit margin.


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